Why you should work for a product company — Part 2

Change or stability

In a service-based company, the team and people may change around you with every project. If you enjoy seeing new faces all the time and you find change rather energising, you should definitely consider services companies.

The steep learning curve pays off

If continuous response to change alone would not be enough, it is also a common characteristic of the team that we try to fail fast and redesign as quickly as possible! To do our job well we need to know what we can’t know, admit what we don’t know. Product teams embrace the motto ‘fail fast, fail early’ in hope of getting the MVP on the market before competitors do and accessorising it with features that empower their users the most to do what their product is meant to do. That might sound a bit complicated, so let us tell you a story about StoriesOnBoard as an example.

Adapt or die — that is the question

We believe in creating a culture of transparency. Our colleagues are encouraged to try their hand at different things, attempt to solve problems in different ways. This way, not only will they learn and develop professionally, but our organizational shared knowledge also becomes broader. At DevMads we involve the whole team in the planning and review process to find the best solution for our users.

A common goal builds true team spirit

At a product company, we have one principle and constant goal: we need to find solutions that work, by that we mean that it is valuable, usable, feasible and viable.

The DevMads team running an OKR workshop

Quality over deadlines becomes the motto

The greatest enemy of services companies is the deadline, their resting heart rate is probably close to double that of product people. As they deal with the stress of delivering the scope on time to meet financial goals, they experience high stress levels with every project.

Chill vibes & work-life balance are not only space fillers in job ads

As for working hours, product companies tend to be much less rigid because they want the team to build something great — not build something by a certain deadline. Working schedule is usually not set in stone, unlike at service-based companies where every passing hour can make a huge difference.

More effort to get hired equals to working with the bests

Here comes the cold hard truth: it takes significantly more effort to get hired by a product company as they usually conduct more interviews, have some professional challenges so that applicants can get a taste of their organizational cultures and see how they would fit into the team. As the composition of teams does not change rapidly, good chemistry among coworkers is vital. Service based companies, on the other hand, look for people who have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.



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